Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

In 2008 I had the opportunity to do a lot of the character designs for "Alice in Wonderland
I was very lucky to meet Tim Burton as well as Ken Ralston from Sony Imageworks, I've been working directly at the film set in Plymouth and later on at the set in LA, it's been a great time working for one of my favourite directors.
Seeing Johnny Depp's performance was also mindblowing, he's amazingly talented.

Below are some images that have just been released officialy.
You can find the full article on this site, as well as 3 concept art pieces for the environments: http://www.firstshowing.net/2009/06/21/first-look-tim-burtons-trippy-new-alice-in-wonderland/
I will show you the huge pile of the other character designs I did after the film's release in 2010.

Here's a photo of Johnny Depp in the Mad Hatter costume as well as two of the very early Hatter concepts I did:


Peter Oedekoven said...

Bin ein grosser Fan deiner Arbeit!
Awesome work,Michael.

Michael Kutsche said...

Vielen Dank, Peter!

bigote said...

Hi Michael. I enjoy your work in this movie but I'm here with a little question regarding your name spelling. I'm a Russian translator and need to know it in order to transliterate your name correctly. I suppose your second name should sound like a German word Kutsche (Kuche, if written using English transliteration). What about your first name, I'm not sure which way you prefer: either in German way (like Michael Schumacher) or in English way (like Michael Jackson). Would you be so kind to answer my question?

Thank you very much beforehand,

Marie said...

really neat concepts :]

Tasha said...

Wow your art is so amazing! I love your Mad Hatter - he looks fantastic and just as i imagined him in my own twisted mind.

Do you sell these in line art so others can colour etc?


qstom said...

Nice one !!
Thx for sharing :D

Thomas Fluharty said...

WOW Michael, Just discovered your work through Bobby Chiu. LOVE what you are doing!!!!!! Major inspiration. GREAT drawing fantastic design and awesome lighting. Truly~Thomas Fluharty

Aseph One said...

Great stuff man! I've been a long time follower of your work. Keep up the innovation!

Michael Kutsche said...

thanks for those kind words, really appreciated!

Naik Michel said...

YOu are a beast at design mate. Great work :P
Check out mine:

Dave Rapoza said...

Oh shiiit, didn't know you had a blog. Totally followin

Kevin Eslinger said...

Hello Michael,

My name is Kevin Eslinger and I have two galleries in Colorado. I was wondering if you would be interested in allowing me to resell some of your prints. I would also like to plan a time when we could do a group show if you are interested.

Here is a link to my blog


Here is my website



ängel Constantino said...

Queríamos felicitarle por los excelentes trabajos realizados.

Realmente la imaginación cambia este mundo.


G1toons said...

Must say your work is inspiring, my friend Jeff lead me to your work
great stuff

DangerGirl said...

You're designs were all so stunning and, I have to say, I really do prefer your Hatter to the one on film.

I just couldn't quite get into the Kabuki make-up.

Congratulations on all the press, well deserved!

Yours truly said...

Your work is amazing!! Love it

Lorde Croowel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lorde Croowel said...

You make an amazing work!! Incredible!! My dream is to be like you!

soobeedoo said...

I have to say, I prefer your Mad Hatter (either one) to Depp, and that surprises me.

But I love and am terrified by your March Hare.

---sue h

op9956 said...

i love the"10%"^^
thank you sharing

Aria said...

I am impressed your works!

Fashion said...

Michael, I love your work in issue 8 of Schön! Magazine. Guys, check it out on nineteen74.com/magazine XXX

Carole Maurel said...

amazing work!!!

Zavian Archibald said...

Liking the steam punk influence. Love your "Alice" work.

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